At Longlane Farm, located in Grey County near Owen Sound and Wiarton, we strive to produce healthy foods, primarily beef, pork, chicken and eggs. Our choice is to raise heirloom breeds because of their ability to thrive on our farm with its thin, rocky soil and browsing pastures.

While we won't claim to be organic, we do follow organic practices as much as possible. Our animals sold for meat have been raised without medications using non-GMO feeds. All animals are raised and finished on pasture, hence our production is seasonal. We raise our broiler chickens from day-old chicks and they go to pasture in chicken-tractors at four weeks of age where they remain until processing at 8-9 weeks. Our pigs are purchased as weaners in spring and after about a month they are turned out to pasture until late October or early November when they are processed. The cattle are kept outside year-round on pasture and hay during the cold months.

During pasture season the fields are managed using intensive rotational grazing practices. The cattle graze the grass while depositing their most perfect fertilizer and then the grass is allowed to rest and recover. The broiler chickens are also grazed on the same pastures, foraging for bugs and eating the shortened grasses. They also leave behind a wonderful layer of fertilizer. The cattle and broilers are moved to new grass daily.

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